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Soul in the Woods

Six friends and a perfect day of powder snow on the Maloja Pass. On their last day of a week in the Engadine mountains, they discover the only ski lift in the sleepy village of Maloja. The immediate onset of excitement was followed however by a sense of disillusionment. The lift on this day was not moving! Suddenly, however, a door began to creak open on a tiny shack and the lift operator calls out to the young men: "Good to see you. Looks like it’s time to rev up the engine." A perfect ending, this day remains unforgettable.


Beautiful moments and friendship, this led to the sportswear brand Maloja – the epitome of something good and beautiful. Maloja has everything you need for a day in the mountains. Respect, creativity and courage – memories of the unforgettable day in deep snow with friends reflected in this philosophy. Whether it is the summer or winter collection, Maloja enchants and inspires with products from the Alpine region. Harmonious sports and streetwear fashion, designed for various disciplines with passion and joy. Combined with indispensable functions for multi-sportive use. That's what Maloja is known for.

The Maloja Collection 2022 was created around the theme "Enrosadira". Early in the morning and evening, a magical mood is created when the sun bathes mountains and rocks in intense and soft light. The beauty of this light play and the inner peace in everyone watching inspired the current collection. 

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